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PCEA Training is hosting monthly training classes for corporate engineer/layout staffs and individuals who are currently serving in the engineering layout profession or seeking to get into it. There are no prerequisite requirements to enroll. This curriculum is the most comprehensive and relevant in the industry to equip someone to succeed as a valued staff member and have a rewarding profession.

The curriculum is CAD EDA software agnostic and teaches the professional requirements that can be used with any EDA software tool. CAD EDA software providers provide education on each release of their perspective toolsets and is recommended that tool proficiency should be pursued.

Certification: Certified Printed Circuit Designer (CPCD)

Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA) is an incorporated 501(c6) nonprofit trade association. This trade association exists to serve all individuals and corporations in the printed circuit industry that work in any capacity. It is free to join and welcomes all members. It is supportive of all other trade associations and standards bodies that also serve our industry. Its mission is to Collaborate, Educate and Inspire.

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Certified Printed Circuit Designer (CPCD) Certification – This curriculum can be completed with or without certification. The CPCD certification is awarded for a lifetime accreditation. Our goal is to offer a knowledge based program with an optional certification exam. The exam is administered through an approved online software proxy. The exam and certificate are based on the subject matter taught in the book. It is presented as knowledge based information and is not an endorsement of comprehension nor proficiency. A letter of completion may be awarded to those who choose to complete the curriculum but do not pursue the certification.

Printed Circuits Engineering Association® serves as the registrar and certifying body for the (CPCD) Certification. They maintain the published (or private) registrar of certified CPCD professionals. By taking the exam, you are agreeing to allow them to publish your name as certified. You may request to have your name remain private. No private information is revealed to any mailing list per their privacy policy.